Studio Boekman: dreaming big in a small setting 

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Incredible! Within two weeks, we managed to reach our goal amount of €40.000 for the new seats in Studio Boekman. It's fantastic that so many donors want to contribute to the renovation of our smallest theatre. Thanks to your enthusiasm and donations, we are able to increase our goal amount by €25.000. With this extra amount we can ensure that the quality, and thus the durability, of the new seats will be even better. For example, we can choose higher quality fabrics for the seats, and higher quality materials for the stairs and flooring. In addition, this increased amount will give us the opportunity to invest in booster seats, and separate seating for children. With these extra possibilities we will be able to create different seating layouts within the theatre. Will you help create seating for even more visitors? Every donation counts!


Help us transform Dutch National Opera & Ballet's smallest theatre!

At Dutch National Opera & Ballet, we’ve dreamed of adding a small theatre to our home of opera and ballet on the Waterlooplein for years. And this season, you can help make this dream come true. Our current smaller theatre, the Boekmanzaal, will be transformed into a brand new space: Studio Boekman, in the new year. With this transformation we create a stage for up-and-coming talent, and a place where diverse audiences can come together to enjoy innovative programming and experimental performances. An important part of these plans is to build a comfortable new seating area for our audience. This is where we need your help!

A small theatre with grand ambitions 

In Studio Boekman’s intimate setting, we plan to explore the unknown with an open mind as we engage in exciting partnerships. We’ll invite young theatremakers, choreographers, writers, thinkers, singers and composers to take to the stage and tell their stories. Our ambition is to create a venue where everyone feels at home and that it is a comfortable place to be, both for regular visitors and for people who are only just discovering cultural pursuits. We envision a place where people can enjoy special events, listen to new stories and experience surprising forms of presentation that will make them see opera and ballet in an entirely different light. The renewed small theatre will give audiences an up-close look at how theatremakers and artists train, rehearse and experiment, and at how opera, ballet and other art forms overlap and intersect.    

Can we count on your support? 

But before we can welcome guests to the renewed small theatre, the Boekmanzaal in its current state needs a transformation. To turn it into a true theatre, its flooring, partitioning and ceilings will be changed and the space will be outfitted with dressing rooms, lighting, lifting equipment and a lobby. We’ve managed to secure funding for the major renovation works, but we need your help to fund the new seating area. We kindly ask you to support us in raising the last 40.000 euros. Please donate now and help us build the small theatre of our dreams. Thank you! Your donation is greatly appreciated. 


€15 Donate Recommended Get a chance to win a backstage tour for 2!  - With a donation of €15, you have a chance to win a backstage tour at National Opera & Ballet for two people. Maybe we'll see you behind the scenes in our theater soon! 1 donor €15 Donate Eternal gratitude - Hooray! Thanks to your donation, we are getting closer and closer to our goal amount to accomplish the renovation of Studio Boekman! 88 donors €35 Donate Handwritten card from top soloist - Great! A Dutch National Ballet soloist writes a personal thank-you card for you, including an autograph. 40 donors No longer available €50 Donate The Dutch National Ballet Quartet Game - Developed especially for our house and soon for you too! Get to know Dutch National Ballet with this colorful deck of 42 cards. 29 donors No longer available €50 Donate Dutch National Opera & Ballet memory game - Build your memory! You will receive the one and only Dutch National Opera & Ballet memory game at home. 40 donors No longer available €100 Donate Signed pointe shoes - Super! You will receive a pair of signed pointe shoes from a dancer of Dutch National Ballet (basically from a dancer of your choice, when in stock!). 34 donors No longer available €200 Donate Attend ballet class or rehearsal of young talents - Here's your chance! Find out how our dancers rehearse and attend a live ballet class of the Junior Company of Dutch National Ballet, or attend a rehearsal of the Dutch National Opera Studio: the talent development program of the Dutch National Opera. The choice is yours! 16 donors No longer available €450 Donate Hard-hat-tour during the renovation with behind-the-scenes tour  - Wow! With this donation, you are invited to a hard-hat-tour during the Studio Boekman renovation. After this, you'll get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour at Dutch National Opera & Ballet. 2 donors No longer available €600 Donate Children's party - Fantastic! Come celebrate a fully catered children's party for 15 children, including a scavenger hunt in the theater. 2 donors No longer available €750 Donate Invitation to the festive official opening of Studio Boekman - Sublime! With this donation you receive an invitation for two for the official opening of Studio Boekman after the renovation, in the new season (including drinks afterwards). 7 donors No longer available €1,250 Donate Premiere evening experience - Come to Dutch National Opera & Ballet for an all-inclusive premiere evening for two. Enjoy the premiere of your choice, including a personal tour, drinks and an invitation to the premiere party. You don't want to miss this! You have the option of donating the amount in one go, or through a tax-advantaged donation of €250 per year for 5 years. Contact us via the contact page! 3 donors No longer available €2,500 Donate Adopt a chair! - Wow! With this amazing donation, you or your company will officially adopt a chair from the new stand for 5 years. Your name will appear on one of the chairs in Studio Boekman! You have the option of donating the amount all at once, or through a tax-advantaged 5-year donation of €500 per year. In the latter case, contact us via the contact page! 4 donors No longer available €7,500 Donate House concert or performance on location - Amazing! This fantastic amount will get you a house concert or performance on location by the singers of the Dutch National Opera Studio! You have the option of donating the amount all at once, or through a tax-advantaged 5-year donation of €1,500 per year. Contact us via the contact page! No longer available
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De verbouwing is van start!

07-04-2023 | 12:14 Lieve donateurs,    Na drie maanden wachten is het zo ver; de verbouwing van Studio Boekman is van start! In deze update geven we jou als eerste een kijkje achter de schermen van de verbouwing die jij mede mogelijk hebt gemaakt!   Afgelopen weken is er begonnen met het uitruimen en afzetten van Studio Boekman en het entreegebied, en vanaf begin april zijn de werkzaamheden echt begonnen!    De tijdlijn van de verbouwing ziet er als volgt uit:   Maart: Slopen. Al het puin wordt weggehaald en de werkplaats wordt ingericht. April/mei/juni: Bouwen. Nu is het tijd voor de ruwbouw! Juni/juli: Afbouw. Alles wordt in deze periode mooi afgewerkt. In deze periode wordt ook de tribune neergezet en afgewerkt! Augustus: Interieur en inrichting. De meubels worden neergezet, verlichting en apparatuur wordt gemonteerd.  September: Klaar! Het nieuwe theaterseizoen gaat van start met de opening van Studio Boekman.   In september hopen we van start te kunnen gaan met de programmering in Studio Boekman en is deze kleine zaal voor grote dromen klaar voor jou bezoek. In de tussentijd houden wij jullie natuurlijk op de hoogte van de voortgang.    Nogmaals heel erg veel dank voor jullie steun!   Warme groet namens iedereen van Nationale Opera & Ballet     
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