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Still to go

How empty and quiet our theatre is without you. And it will unfortunately take some time before we can bring you regular performances again, due to the coronavirus measures. But our dancers, singers and other artists are not keeping still. They continue to move, dance, sing and create. That's why we will continue to bring Dutch National Opera & Ballet to your home remotely via our online programming. At the same time, we are also working on alternative live programming and the reopening of our theatre to small audiences.

In order to make new, special online projects and artistic programming possible, we need 50,000 euros. In these uncertain times, we want to continue to offer young talents and new artists a stage. For this, your support is indispensable.

A stage for young talent
We are now finally able to carefully reopen our doors - even though they've never been closed completely. Since the corona-outbreak, we have brought you, our dear audience, opera and ballet through our online programming. Our online ballet classes, for example, have been viewed more than 1 million times. Peter Leung created a beautiful new ballet in the empty streets of Amsterdam. The Chorus of Dutch National Opera sang a special opera 'hymn' and we streamed full opera and ballet performances. We are incredibly grateful that we have been able to stay in touch with our audience in this way.

But in order to be able to continue offering an alternative program in the coming months, we need your help. With your donation we can continue to offer young talents and creators a stage. Both for a live audience in our theatre, as well as for our growing online audience.

Keep on singing and dancing!
We hope you'll continue to sing, dance and enjoy everything that Dutch National Opera & Ballet has to offer. Online and in our beloved theatre. Do you want to help out our singers, dancers and artists? Then keep us going and join in! Make our alternative programming possible through this crowdfunding campaign. Of course you'll get something special in return. Have a look at the possibilities on the right.

Donate now and receive, for example, this ballet illustration of Clara Superfine or a NO&B mask.

Choose an amount
€ 15 Donate Thank-you video - Hurray! You will receive our eternal gratitude and a special Thank-you video. 34 donors € 25 Donate Personal Thank-you card - Great! A singer from the Chorus or a dancer from the Dutch National Ballet will send you a personally written card. 76 donors 24 available € 35 Donate Mouth Mask - Fantastic! You will receive a unique face mask, made from original fabrics from productions of Dutch National Opera, handmade by the coupeurs of the Costume Workshop of Dutch National Opera & Ballet. A real collector’s item! 140 donors No longer available € 50 Donate Virtual tour - Wonderful! We will take you backstage on a magical live tour behind the scenes of Dutch National Opera & Ballet, where we will answer all your questions. 26 donors 54 available € 70 Donate Attend ballet class or an opera rehearsal (online) - Amazing! Discover how our singers and dancers rehearse during this time and experience a ballet class or opera rehearsal (you can choose). Afterwards we organize a meet-and-greet with the talents of the Junior Company and the Opera Studio 21 donors 59 available € 80 Donate Framed ballet illustration - Thank you! Decorate your home with an illustration bt the multi-talent Clara Superfine, dancer with Dutch National Ballet. You will receive the framed artwork at home. 17 donors No longer available € 100 Donate Signed pointe shoes - Super! You receive signed pointe shoes from a Dutch National Ballet dancer (depending on stock, from a dancer of your choice) 27 donors 53 available € 120 Donate Recommended Balletles van 2e soliste Floor Eimers (online) - Altijd al willen leren van een professionele ballerina? Kies dan voor deze online balletles van Floor Eimers waarin jij persoonlijk wordt gecoacht en dans de sterren van de hemel. 4 available € 150 Donate Personal singing lesson from Jeanneke van Buul - Magnificent! You’ll get a singing lesson from Jeanneke, one of the sopranos in the Chorus of Dutch National Opera. If you don’t have any previous singing experience, don’t worry! Jeanneke is happy to share her passion with you in a personal class focusing on breathing and technical exercises. 5 donors No longer available € 160 Donate Privé balletles van Ernst Meisner (online) - Dit is je kans! Maak kennis met onze topcoach. Ernst Meisner (artistiek coördinator van de Junior Company) geeft jou een persoonlijke online balletles. 1 donor No longer available € 250 Donate Ballet master class by choreographer Peter Leung - YES! You will receive a masterclass by our Young Creative Associate Peter Leung in one of our ballet studios. Professionals, amateurs, young and old talents; everyone is welcome to take parrt. Peter will take you under his wing and teach you a real ballet choreography! Join the class or participate as a spectator. 10 donors 5 available € 300 Donate Attend a dress rehearsal - Sublime! As a true VIP, you will be one of the first visitors to be invited back in our theatre after the summer. With a glass of bubbles, we will toast to the new seasons and and you can enjoy the dress rehearsal of our alternative programming in September (opera or ballet). 20 donors 60 available € 750 Donate Attending a rehearsal of our Opera Studio (live) - Super! Join the singers of the Dutch National Opera Studio for a day and attend a special rehearsal and masterclass. 5 donors 25 available € 1.250 Donate A VIP evening at Dutch National Opera & Ballet - What a party! We invite you and a +1 to the premiere of one of our new performances (opera & ballet). You will be completely pampered! We ensure an unforgettable evening and a look behind the scenes. 4 donors € 2.000 Donate Opera at YOUR home - Excellent! The singers of the Dutch National Opera Studio will give a private performance at your home or at a location of your choice. The perfect gift or an ideal surprise at the office. 3 available € 5.000 Donate A tailor-made contribution - Thank you so much! What have you always wanted to experience at Dutch National Opera & Ballet? We will talk to you and put together a tailor-made reward for your donation. Other Amount Other  - I want to choose my own amount
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De laatste week!

13-07-2020 | 16:50 Lieve donateurs, Yes! Jullie hebben bij elkaar al meer dan 40.000 euro gedoneerd. Daarmee hebben we al 80% van ons streefbedrag behaald. Wat een mooie mijlpaal. Heel veel dank daarvoor!We gaan nu de laatste week in en hopen natuurlijk dat nóg meer mensen meedoen. Ken jij of ben jij iemand die altijd al heeft willen leren van een professionele ballerina? Vanaf nu kan je een extra tegenprestatie kiezen: een online balletles van tweede soliste Floor Eimers waarin je persoonlijk wordt gecoacht en de sterren van de hemel kan dansen. Speciaal voor iedereen die zijn verre vakantieplannen heeft moeten afblazen, hebben we een zonnige, muzikale vakantiegroet gemaakt. Kijk, zing mee en je humeur klaart vanzelf op!Warme groet namens iedereen van Nationale Opera & Ballet
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